Dover USA is a General Contracting, Construction Management and Supply Company. Dover USA is a trusted general contractor and construction manager in the construction and building industry in the States of New York, New Jersey and Connecticut.

We are also subcontractors for complex demolition, excavation, concrete, masonry and structural steel projects.

When considering a large project, the Construction Manager or General Contractor should be the first person hired. The earlier the Construction Manager is involved in your project, the better they will understand your goals. The Construction Manager handles all coordination of permits, design and construction issues and interfaces, on the owners’ behalf, directly with architects, engineers, contractors and other professionals involved with the project. There are several reasons why a project can go wrong but selecting the right Construction Manager Helps insure success. We provide professional services in General Contracting, Construction Management and building Materials and construction Equipment Supply.

General Contracting and Construction Management

  1. Pre-Construction
  2. Construction
  3. Design-Build
  4. Program Management
  5. Development Consulting
  6. BIM (Building Information Modeling)

General Contracting and Construction Management Services.


Dover USA is unequalled in its pre-construction services capability. Pre-construction properly executed, ensures a timely on budget construction project. Given FALCONS INCOPORATED’s development and program management services, our understanding of the challenges facing an Owner today is unique.

Falcons Inc. assists, coordinates and oversees any and/or all activities required to be complete prior to the groundbreaking of a project.

  1. Cost Savings Analysis
  • Dover USA performs an extensive cost savings analysis suggesting alternate products and systems utilizing short/long term maintenance costs, life cycle costs, engineering costs, labor/material availability, technology efficiencies, etc.

2. Site Analysis

  • Analyze site for potential construction cost savings
  • Seismic refraction surveys
  • Computerized site excavation analysis
  • Computerized color coded cut/fill maps
  • Computerized 3D site visualizations
  • Utility availability studies
  • Traffic study/patterns
  • Geotechnical & environmental investigations
  • Wetland delineation surveys
  1. Analyze site for potential construction cost savings
  • Seismic refraction surveys
  • Computerized site excavation analysis
  • Computerized color coded cut/fill maps
  • Computerized 3D site visualizations
  • Utility availability studies
  • Traffic study/patterns
  • Geotechnical & environmental investigations
  • Wetland delineation surveys
  1. Green/Sustainable Building
  • Falcons can assist in the construction and plans utilizing environmentally sensitive systems, products and procedures. Management of the US Green Building Council (USGBC) LEED certification processes.
  1. Design/Development / Construction Schedules
  • Scheduling all activities required by all consultants, governmental authorities, design activities, financing activities, leasing activities, permitting activities, etc.
  1. Budgeting
  • Budgeting of all aspects of the project
  • Itemized costing of major project systems, phases and sectors
  • Guaranteed Maximum Price Reports
  • Progress Price Reporting


Dover USA is a full service general contracting firm performing site development, new building construction, renovations and alterations. Dover USA has established best-practice policies, procedures and systems that bring to you the latest in technology, expertise and experience in the construction industry. Dover USA construction professionals manage the subcontractor bid/RFP process, legally protect the Owner with customized subcontractor documentation, supervise, manage, and control every aspect of the construction process.

  1. Site Controls
    • Full time site supervision
    • On site office facilities
    • Safety programs/policies
    • Environmental inspection coordination
    • As-Built Plans/Surveys
    • Site Security
    • Scheduling
    • Visitor Control
    • Site Quality Conrol
  1. Cost Controls
    • Monthly Invoicing
    • Monthly Budget Reports
    • Change Order Status Reports
    • Job Cost Reports
    • Guaranteed Maximum Price Reports
    • Subcontractor Bid Management
    • Progress Price Reporting
  2. Project Management Schedules
    • Material Control Schedules
    • Monthly Status Reporting
    • Weekly Project Meetings
    • Consultant Oversight/Coordination
    • Project Close Out
    • Request for Information Logs
  3. Vendor Bid/Proposal Management
    • Bid Comparison Sheets
    • Trade Scope Delineation
    • Dover USA estimator Management
  4. Subcontractor Documentation
    • Customized Subcontracts
    • Insurance Certificates
    • Lien Waivers
    • Safety Policies
    • Detailed Scopes of Work
    • Labor Activity Management
    • Performance Clauses
  5. Technology
    • On Site Internet Hook Up
    • Webcam/Digital Photos
    • 24/7 Owner/Client Dover USA Intranet Access
    • Computerized Scheduling
    • Computerized Cost Reporting
    • Dover USA estimator Management
  6. Commissioning
    • Start Up and Testing of all systems and equipment
    • Assembly of all project close out Documentation
    • Maintenance Manuals
    • Maintenance/Start Up Presentations
    • Punch List Implementation
    • Utility Account Documentation
    • Assembly Subcontractor Documentation
    • Warranty Procedures


As a Design-Build Company, Dover USA offers complete turnkey single source design-build services. From concept to completion, Dover USA accepts absolute accountability for the architecture, engineering and construction of your project.

As the master builder, Dover USA produces design documents that are error free and complete. All designs performed and sealed by registered architects and professional engineers, including but not limited to geotechnical, civil, traffic, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers.

Services include document coordination, design development schedules, consultant procurement, complete Dover USA construction services, tenant management, prototype development and adaptation, municipal and state permitting, as-built plans, shop drawing coordination, etc.

Cost savings analysis and constructability reviews along with the application of fast-track construction techniques save our clients time and money.

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

Building Information Modeling tools are the next generation of computer software used to simulate the design, construction and operation of a facility. The resulting model is a data-rich digital representation of the facility. From here views and data appropriate to various users’ needs can be extracted and analyzed to generate information that can be used to make decisions and improve the process of designing, constructing and planning a facility.

Dover USA Construction offers our clients, design community and other related professionals, BIM services to assist in generating and managing building data during its life cycle.

By leveraging BIM technology, Dover USA is assisting our clients achieve their project goals in a more cost-effective and efficient manner. Numerous benefits can be realized with this tool:

  1. Visualization
    • Dover USA utilizes BIM to further explain design intent and various conditions surrounding the project. Renderings, animations, 3D walkthroughs/flythrough, as well as sun/shadow studies. In addition, BIM visualization allows FALCONS INCOPORATED to provide visual collision detection between major systems and components. All visualization services are done in-house throughout the life of the project.
  2. Collaboration
    • BIM creates a composite model from all design partners that preempts and resolves issues in the preconstruction phase
  3. Building Performance Modeling
    • BIM is able to estimate the cost of operating a facility and the ramifications of design options to better understand the ROI. (e.g., analyzes the impact of higher window glazing)
  4. Automated Takeoffs
    • A Building Information Model gives instant access to quantitative information. This instant information expedites preconstruction while providing accurate cost estimates to our clients. Furthermore, as design changes material quantities are instantly and universally undated on all documents.
  5. Collision Detection
    • BIM identifies constructability issues before they are an issue. (e.g., identifying ductwork running into structural members) This keeps projects on schedule.
  1. Data rich As-Built
    • Facility management can use BIM to understand the complexities of the building, lookup the location of all systems and components and store building systems cut sheets and product information.
  1. Green Construction
    • BIM can be used to perform whole building analysis, optimize energy efficiency, and work toward carbon neutrality earlier in the design process.